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The Full Story

I lived my dream of becoming a professional musician for 15 years. Now I'm living a new dream as an Instructional Designer. 
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An Instructional Designer is...

What's an Instructional Designer? Glad you asked. We are people who figure out the most efficient and easiest ways for humans to learn something new. Often we use things like videos, eLearning modules, job aides and a variety of digital platforms to accomplish this goal. 


I adhere to the belief that great training is only what you need and not a sentence more. Adult learners don't need to wade through long intros and too much hand holding. Let's get to the meat of the matter. 

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How did music shape me?

Music is the most mathematical of all the arts. Music develops the analytical and poetic facets of the human consciouness. In performance, one must act quickly in order to stay in time and not bore the audience. I find that these qualities directly translate to my work as an Instructional Designer. 


Exceptional training and education is a game-changer for organizations. Take your employee and client experiences to the next level. Stop settling for not knowing. Let's build something together. 

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