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I was snowshoeing last winter with the inimitable Nicole Augusta Stivers and Michael Stivers in Stanley, ID. All weekend Michael kept assuring me that he was going to find me a piano to play. “Sure, Michael, you got it.” I replied, half-joking. “You find me a piano and a mic and I’ll play a show for you guys.” Little did I know the true depths of the seriousness and determination of this ploy.

Michael called up The Hailey Mint (you know, Bruce Willis’ old haunt) and asked them if I could play as an opener. I’m pretty sure some lofty exaggerations were exchanged regarding my talent and level of fame, which led to the graciously trusting management at The Mint to give me a shot. I did not come prepared to do a performance so I jumped in the shower, put on my finest shitty sweater, and tried to make myself look like I had not just spent a day drinking whiskey and trudging through snow drifts.

Michael, Nicole, our other friend, Marilee and I all walked down to The Mint where they had miraculously set up a piano and mic for me to play.I sat down to play and did a solid two-hour set of the best (and worst) songs of yesteryear. I had a grand time entertaining the folks at the club and cracking all the dirty jokes, one-liners, and cringe-inducing stage banter I could muster. It was an excellent night!

Afterward, the club operator, Erica, graciously took us down to the basement green room. Now this was a green room! Billiards, sumptuous velvet couches, a shockingly impressive vinyl collection, and a mini-stage greeted us as we got to mill about the space. I imagined the shenanigans that went on down here and got chills thinking about the glamorous people that must have graced that room during its heyday.

After the show, the lovely club operator, Erica, asked if I wanted to do a featured show in the upstairs cabaret. Even though I’m loosely retired from show biz, I couldn’t resist the call of such an amazing performance opportunity!Hence, (with a little naming help from Nicole), “Amy Trail’s Pajama Party” was born!

I’m going to be doing a full show, Sat., July 22nd from 8-11pm. We’re going to have ridiculous prizes for best pajamas and I’m going to do my best to indulge my id/lizard brain/Rodney Dangerfield-if-he-was-a-chick alter ego. This show is going to be an incredibly fun, probably quite naughty and hopefully drunken good time!If you want to purchase tickets (for the low, low price of $15), please visit:

Please come!

Amy Trail Discography available on Spotify 


Cold Springs

Amy's father and both maternal grandparents passed away within a year and a half. This is Amy's tribute to them and to her heritage as a fifth-generation Idahoan.

Lonesome Man

A pensive, paired down album reflecting on love won and love lost. All the tracks on this album were recorded as live takes at Piety Street Studio.

Lushious Life

An ode to the late 1970s early 1980s FM pop. Inspired by the music of Carole King, Steely Dan, Hall and Oates and Michael McDonald.

Amy Trail 

Amy Trail self-titled album cover.jpeg

Amy's first solo album featuring all of the songs Amy wrote during her teen and college years, including, "Do I Do".

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